SN Activity Proposed Month
1.1.1 Capacity building of coalition member/organizations on DRR preparedness, response and recovery for effective emergency education response August


NCE Nepal build the capacity of coalition members, other networks and organizations including teacher federation, SMC federation, child rights networks etc in monitoring education accountability in emergency July


1.2.1 National level advocacy and lobby  with MoE/DoE and other stakeholders for provision of one counselor in each school Sept
1.2.2 NCE Nepal will hold discussion with curriculum department center to incorporate the emergency related courses in school curriculum and National Center for Educational Development (NCED Sept


NCE Nepal will hold a dialogue with political parties, parliamentarian, Ministry of Education, National Planning Commission and ministry of foreign affair for  Sustainable Development Goals in Nepal. Aug – Nov
1.2.4 Participate in World Education Forum at South Korea from 18 to 21 May 2015 April
1.2.5 Influence the national level civil society education agendas through participating in UN General Meeting Sept
1.3.2 Analysis of national education budget of the fiscal years (2015/16) July – Sept
1.3.3 Monitoring (Fact finding missions) on status of school’s damage, status of community preparedness to resume schools June – sept
1.3.4 Sharing of Learning and enrich discourse through NCE-Nepal Resource center April – Nov
1.10.5 Education Sector Analysis report (Case of Parbat collation)



1.4.1 NCE Nepal will collaborate with different networks working in education and child rights, working in emergency

June – Dec

1.4.2 NCE Nepal will hold a policy dialogue among the different stakeholders on education in emergency on quarterly basis

July – October

1.5.1 Study exchange on lifelong learning and adult education in July in the Asia Pacific Region


1.5.2 Participation in the Public Private Partnership debate in the Asia Pacific Region in August in Thailand


1.5.3 Participation on the learning event on gender mainstreaming, youth and lifelong learning in the Asia Pacific Region
1.5.4 Regional CSEF meeting in 1st week of December, 2015.


1.6.1 ‘Back to School Campaign’ after the emergency in Nepal ( A part of GAW, 2015)

Apr – June

1.10.4 Enrollment campaign



1.7.1 NCE Nepal will organize a Learning visit to learn best advocacy practices in education in emergency


1.8.1 Training of Trainer to the teachers on DRR, psychosocial development and support, humanitarian law, classroom management in emergency
1.8.2 Capacity enhancement of NCE Nepal’s board members and staffs on DRR preparedness, psychosocial counseling support


1.8.3 Capacity Development of the staff and Board


June – Sept

1.9.1 Monitor and support coalition’s advocacy initiatives and program support

Apr – Dec

1.9.2 Monthly update meeting with secretariat committee


Apr – Dec

1.9.3 Quarterly review meeting


Aug – Dec

1.9.4 Annual Meeting of NCE Members (In December, 2015)


Nov – Dec

1.9.5 Publication of Annual Report (In December, 2015)



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