Membership Process

i.    Who Can be Come a Member of NCE Nepal?
–    Any organization including NGOs, INGOs, CBOs, Network/coalition etc working in the field of Education Campaigning and Advocacy for at least two years
–    The membership is valid for 1-year and has to be renewed annually.
ii. Process to become a member
–    Fill membership form
–    Submit the form along with documents as mentioned below to NCE-Nepal’s Office
–    . Analysis of the application form together with the supporting documents by review committee
–    Recommendation for membership to the NCE Nepal Secretariat
–    Formal issuance of membership form
Required Documents
1.    Constitution of the organization.
2.    Latest organization renewal document from the District Administrative Office.
3.     Organization PAN number
4.     List of board members with contact details and occupation.
5.    Full address of the organization.
6.     Board meeting decision regarding submitting the membership request to NCEN.
7.    Filled up NCEN membership form.
8.    Filled up Organization profile form of NCE Nepal
iii. Membership Fee for different organization
Membership Fee (payable once) – NRs. 1000/-
Renewal fee (annually) – NRs. 1000/-
Membership Fee (payable once) – NRs. 15,000/-
Renewal fee (annually) – NRs. 15000/-
For Federation
Membership Fee (payable once) – NRs. 5000/-
Renewal fee (annually) – NRs. 5000/-

Below is the link for membership form
Download membership registration form



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