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National Campaign for Education Nepal

Since 2003

“Our Story”

National Campaign for Education Nepal (NCE Nepal) with ECOSOC status organization is a national network of different 433 member organizations that includes I/NGOs, teacher organization, journalists and community organization working for strengthening of the public education system in Nepal by ensuring the educational rights of children and adults that are provisioned in the constitution.

Established in 2003 as Nepal chapter of Global Campaign for Education (GCE), NCE Nepal has been engaged in the education campaigning through research, capacity enhancement initiatives, community mobilization and networking.


To facilitate empowerment and improvement of the lives of poor, marginalized and excluded children, youth and adult through research, policy advocacy, capacity building of stakeholders, solidarity building, resource mobilization, networking, education resource and information dissemination and act as a watch dog and pressure group.


Every citizen is educated and empowered to improve their well being and enjoy full potential in a justice, equitable, inclusive and peaceful society.


To ensure equitable, inclusive, free, compulsory and quality education for children, youth and adult as their fundamental right to education in Nepal

What We Do


Research and Study


Evidence based policy advocacy, campaign and lobby


Networking & Coordination


Partnership & Resource mobilization


Institutional Development



Name of the Organization

National Campaign for Education Nepal  (NCE Nepal)

Type of the Organization


Date of Establishment

23rd Chaitra 2066

Registration and Affiliation details
DAO Registration No: 981,Kathmandu
SWC Affiliation No: 29709
Date of last renewal of the registration
27 Poush 2077

Objectives of the Organization

NCE Nepal dedicates itself to achieving its goal through advocating for equitable, inclusive, free, compulsory and quality education for children, youth and adults as their fundamental rights to education in Nepal. In order to achieve its goal, NCE-Nepal has the following objectives:


To advocate for consolidation and harmonization of education policy.


To advocate for the quality, inclusive, equitable education and lifelong opportunities for all.


To carry out research on emerging education issues as well as design, disseminate and implement advocacy programs based on the findings.


Initiate activities/ events/ dialogue/ networks/ alliance building aimed for mass sensitization on the education issues.


To strengthen NCE-Nepal as a resource institution for capacity building training, policy advocacy, technical support, campaign.


To enable NCE-Nepal to be recognized as a strong network nationally and internationally.