Particulars Detail Information
Name of the organization National Campaign for Education Nepal  (NCE Nepal)
Type of the organization National
Corresponding address and contact person National Campaign for Education Nepal  (NCE Nepal)
Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-4223420/016203009
[email protected]
Contact Person: Mr. Ram Gaire, Program Manager
Date of Establishment 23rd Chaitra 2066
Registration and Affiliation details  DAO Registration No: 981,Kathmandu
SWC Affiliation No: 29709
Date of last renewal of the registration 31st Ashoj 2074
Vision, Mission and Objective of the organization

“Every citizen is educated and empowered to improve their well being and enjoy full potential in a justice, equitable, inclusive and peaceful society.Mission
To facilitate empowerment and improvement of the lives of poor, marginalized and excluded children, youth and adult through research, policy advocacy, capacity building of stakeholders, solidarity building, resource mobilization, networking, education resource and information dissemination and act as a watch dog and pressure group.Goal
To ensure equitable, inclusive, free, compulsory and quality education for children, youth and adult as their fundamental right to education in NepalObjectives of the organization:
NCE Nepal dedicates itself to achieving its goal through advocating for equitable, inclusive, free, compulsory and quality education for children, youth and adults as their fundamental rights to education in Nepal. In order to achieve its goal, NCE-Nepal has the following objectives:To advocate for consolidation and harmonization of education policy.


  1. To advocate for the quality, inclusive, equitable education and lifelong opportunities for all.
  2. To carry out research on emerging education issues as well as design, disseminate and implement advocacy programs based on the findings.
  3. Initiate activities/ events/ dialogue/ networks/ alliance building aimed for mass sensitization on the education issues.
  4. To strengthen NCE-Nepal as a resource institution for capacity building training, policy advocacy, technical support, campaign.
  5. To enable NCE-Nepal to be recognized as a strong network nationally and internationally.
Nature of Work
  1.  Research and Study
  2.  Evidence based policy advocacy, campaign and lobby
  3.  Networking & Coordination
  4.  Partnership & Resource mobilization
  5.  Institutional Development
  6. Publications
Working Strategies 
  • We advance education as political agenda and deepen and widen our engagement with political parties with our firmed position.
  • We promote youth engagement and leadership at all levels
  • We ground our work- from planning, implementation to monitoring and evaluation
  • We strive to link our education initiatives with development discourse and people’s life
  • We explore and bring in fore the root cause of exclusion (social and economic)
  • We support communities and people’s initiatives to raise their voices for accountability
  • We link the best practices to promote the credible alternatives for ensuring quality education.
  • We regularly reflect and analyze the context to shape our strategies
  • We promote the approach- ‘transformation of education system.
  • We promote a critical discourse at all levels to support our strategic program priorities.
  • We link the education initiatives, from local to national to international level, including international treaty mechanisms.
  • We do grounded evidence based advocacy and campaigning at all level.
  • We continue to promote networking / alliances, coordination and linkage with the like- minded organizations.
Strategic Program Priorities
  • Rights based National policies and Laws to advocate with the National Government to endorse National Education Policy and New Education Act ensuring right to education as enshrined in the constitution of Nepal 2015 and with Federal Government to endorse Safe and Disaster Resilient School Framework.
  • Domestic Financing for Public Education to make National education authorities’ policies, plans, guidelines and budgets be aware of the need for increased financing (at least 20% of national budget and 6% of GDP) to ensure equitable quality education and social security for all through progressive tax reforms.
  • Governance and Accountability in Education to make local and federal government recognize the right-based framework in its policies and guidelines to monitor and improve the governance and accountability in public schools
  • Monitoring and Reporting to contribute in SSDP/ SDG reporting, UPR reporting and developing National Civil Society Education Report


Major Achievements
  • Recognized nationally, regionally and internationally as leading national education network for evidence based advocacy and campaigning in Nepal.
  • Established as the only leading coalition in Education so far.
  • Earned a dedicated space in national and international forums.
  • Capacity to complement the datas, reports and facts of the government.
  • Ability to establish as a resource- centre for the education related matters and data.
  • Able to reflect the voice of the voiceless in the national and international forums.
  • Able to make produce the complementary as well as supplementary documents in accordance with that of the government.
  • Expanded outreach in 39 districts of Nepal and expanded coalition members at the district and community level
  • Strengthened partnership among CSOs, DoE and DEOs for reaching out to the marginalized community regarding the education initiatives.