Community Learning Center for Changing Livelihood (CHELI)

Community Learning Centre for Changing Livelihood (CHELI) Project supported by All We Can is running in 25 VDCs and 2 Municipalities in Gorkha.  Goal of the project is to improve livelihood of illiterate, underprivileged and poor women and objectives are to develop literacy skill, strengthen leadership skill of women, establish and strengthen CLCs, strengthen capacity and network of women group, CLCs, increase earning of women,  to maximize the use and mobilization of local resources for income generating activities, develop organizational as well as human resources’ capacity, to do social auditing and evaluation of effectiveness of the programme.  Earlier it was implemented in 15 CLCs out of 27 CLCs in Gorkha. Women of different VDCs and municipalities and their children are the target group of the project.  With the objectives to make CLCs functional, we have supported 15 CLCs directly and 3 CLCs indirectly. Besides, CHELI project was implemented in Sangla, Phutung, Sano Bharyang, Dhapasi and Teku in Kathmandu till February 2016.