Newsletter English Vol. 6 draft 2

March 09, 2021

NCE Nepal has been regularly engaged at the federal, province and local level through various dialogues, interactions and discussions so as to advocate for ensuring Right to Education for All during the pandemic. Amidst COVID-19, NCE Nepal has been active in engaging with the government, CSOs and other stakeholders and providing timely constructive suggestions for education during the emergencies. As the local governments are in the process of reopening the schools in the face to face modality, NCE Nepal has been advocating for the safe learning environment for the children and also providing them proper counseling to return back to school. Advocacy initiatives of NCE Nepal during this period were based on research and evidence as well as grassroots consultation. This is the 6th volume of the newsletter prepared by NCE Nepal during the COVID-19 context which majorly contains the works done by NCE Nepal and its member organizations during the month of January, 2021.

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