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Written by NCE Nepal

December 28, 2020

National Campaign for Education–Nepal (NCE-Nepal) is a coalition of civil society organizations,
including I/NGOs, teachers’ community and educational media. It aims to support and create
pressure on the state mechanism to achieve ‘Education for All’ goals by 2015. It has actively been
focusing its efforts in research, evidence based policy advocacy and policy dissemination.
NCE-Nepal is an active member of Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a civil society movement
that aims to end the global education crisis. As a part of its movement, GCE celebrates Global
Action Week every year during the month of April. The coalition does this through its members by
selecting educational issues based on the identified annual global theme. For the year 2013, GCE
raised the issue of huge and persistent gap in professional, well trained, well supported teachers,
resulting in poor learning achievements and big constraints for achieving EFA goals and on the
basis of this issue, it announced the global theme ” Every Child Needs a Teacher ” for Global Action
Week 2013. NCE-Nepal carried out the global campaign enthusiastically mobilizing its member
organizations and building networks with the government and UN agencies. In our national context,
additional theme was also set as: ‘A Good Teacher is My Future’.
During the campaign, Perception survey on the good and quality teacher was the major programme under
the given theme. There were also discussions on the issue at the local, district and national levels. During
the survey process, NCE-Nepal collected opinion on good teachers and their qualities from approximately
one hundred thousand children and teachers in 32 districts in collaboration with ministry of Education/
Department of Education, District Education Office (DEOs), member and partner organizations. The
collected opinions have been compiled in a book form and are now at your hands.
We strongly believe that this booklet will draw the attention of teachers to gain their professional ethics
and value through self reflection and realization. We also expect that it will provide unique insights
for policy makers, parents, development partners, community and other stakeholders to promote the
qualified, well-trained and committed teachers to ensure quality education throughout the country.
Finally, on behalf of NCE-Nepal family, I would like to highly acknowledge the Ministry of Education/
Department of Education, UNICEF, UNESCO, NCE member organizations, NCE-Nepal editorial
team, board members, secretariat staffs and other stakeholders for their valuable contribution,
cooperation and collaboration. I would like to thank Mr. Nirdesh Tuladhar for compiling and analising
the perception survey to bring this report in its present form.

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