Annual Report 2014

Written by NCE Nepal

November 29, 2014

National Campaign for Education Nepal (NCE-Nepal) continues to head its
way into setting its directions and formulating strategies towards achieving
equitable quality education for all children. Being one of the largest Civil
Society Organization working in ensuring rights to education, it implements
its program and projects through its coalition members from grassroots to
central level. It generates the evidences through research in education and
focuses on the evidence based policy advocacy for unleashing the children and
adults from illiteracy and equitable quality education.
NCE-Nepal in the year 2014 became strong platform to bridge advocacy from
the bottom to policy level and vice verse. It also had privileged to positioning
civil society perspective in post 2015 education agenda. Besides, it contributed
and participated meaningfully in providing concerns from civil society in
education related goals in Sustainable Development Goals.
This Annual report comprises the major activities of NCE-Nepal throughout
this year including key policy initiatives, policy advocacy, networking and
campaigning, capacity enhancement of its member organization and research.
Besides, it also includes best practices, lesson learnt, major achievements of
NCE Nepal in 2014 and way forward. These all achievements and progresses are
because of the collective efforts, partnership and collaborative intervention.
Therefore, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all the partners
who joined hands with NCE-Nepal financially and technically in 2014
particularly UNICEF, VSO and Action Aid. Besides, I would also like to
take this opportunity to thank to government, development partners, network
organizations, NCE-Nepal coalition members and strategic partners whose
support remained remarkable in accomplishing NCE’s activities successfully.
Likewise, I am also thankful towards NCE-Nepal editorial team members
Mr. Kumar Bhattarai, Mr. Lab Raj Oli, Mr. Raj Kumar Gandharba, Mr. Dilli
Subedi and Mr. Ram Gaire. In addition, I would like to thank to NCE-Nepal’s
board and steering committee members and secretariat for their support and
team spirit throughout the year.
Thank You
Babu Kaji Shrestha
National Campaign for Education-Nepal

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